Thursday, January 7, 2010

What to Do

Well, here’s what’s going on. The other night I was thinking about stuff on the way home from work (as opposed to actually paying attention to the road), and I started to think about my upcoming race schedule. When I got home, I mentioned a few of my thoughts to Little Miss Sunshine. I told her that I had been thinking about putting the triathlon stuff on hiatus for a season and just concentrate on mountain bike racing. Hell, I would even throw in a few 5K runs now and again since they are easy enough. She actually agreed with me, but also made her own point (she’s quite good at it too.) She said, “Don’t spread yourself too thin.” Did that mean that my racing plan for this season was a little too ambitious? Probably so. She also said that I should concentrate more on building up my local chapter of the National Mountain Bike Patrol, The Trailblazers Bike Patrol. Maybe she was onto something.

As far as the patrol goes, there has actually been quite a bit of interest, especially as of late. I’ve received a few e-mails from members of our local riding community, and I’m happy about that. Actually, building up the patrol was a goal I set for myself for this year. I plan on contacting the other two patrols in North Carolina so that I can gain some knowledge about how they operate. I haven’t done that yet, but I will soon. The time commitment for the patrol isn’t much, but there is a little cost to the patroller at first. That could scare of some potential members. As we grow as a club, I’m hoping to be able to offset some of the costs, but I’m not sure how to do that yet. I guess that’s where meeting with other patrol groups will come in handy.

On the subject of the race season, I may very well pull the plug on my budding triathlon career, at least for now. I only had one event on the calendar anyway, with possibly two more if I felt like traveling a bit. The 5K race thing is a small time commitment, so I can easily do a couple of those this year, if for anything just to get a t-shirt. My local mountain biking race calendar is set though, so I will be doing those (barring any injury or illness of course.) I also still want to travel out of the area a bit to do some bigger races. I’ll play those by ear I guess. Maybe I’ll do more roadie action if I have time. I’ll talk more about that possibility tomorrow. Maybe I'll just ride my bike everywhere:

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