Friday, November 11, 2011

Into The Night

I got out for yet another night ride this week. This time, it was at Fisher Farm Park in Davidson, NC. I’ve never ridden there at night, but the local shop owner and trail coordinator started hosting weekly excursions at the park after the sun went down. I couldn’t pass it up.

We had a group of about nine or so, including my pal Mr. Ryde. He led us around the trail for a little while.

The temperature outside was cool, but not too cold. I took some photos while we were riding, but I didn’t use the flash for fear of messing up our night vision. It made for shitty pictures.

The ride wasn’t at a super fast pace, and we stopped every so often to regroup.

On the last lap I ran sweeper, which gave me more time to experiment with the lighting.

It was a great ride. I love riding at night for sure, and I definitely love riding two days in a row. Now, if I can only figure out a way to ride every day.

In other news, this weekend is the Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the new Uwharrie trails in Troy, NC. These trails were fun before, but lots of grant money and professional-type trail work is turning that place into something much better. People from all over North Carolina will be there at high noon tomorrow for the festivities, which include riding (duh) and some food. There also may be some hobnobbing with the locals, and an impromptu hunt for Bigfoot may break out. Come join us.

Oh yeah, here’s an update for the Dirt Divas Calendar. You can pick one up at the following local establishments:

Cool Breeze Cyclery and the Trek Store of Charlotte

Queen City Bicycles

The Cycle Path

Blood Sweat Gears

One last thing. Happy Veterans Day to all of my fellow veterans. Thank you.

See y’all Monday.

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