Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well In Advance

Yup, it’s that time again. Registration for the 6 Hours Of Warrior Creek in Wilkesboro, NC opened up yesterday at 12:01 a.m. It sold out in ten hours, which wasn’t really a surprise. Well, I didn’t think that it would sell out that fast, but I guess I wasn’t the only person that stayed up past midnight on Sunday just to sign up. When the clock struck 12:01, I was already signed up. I can’t wait to do this race again. Since it is in April, I’ll have to wait.

Even though I haven’t really been a great competitor at the last two showings of the 6WC, it’s still one of the best events I’ve ever done. Two years ago, this event was my first foray into solo endurance racing. I was ill-prepared, but managed to finish without dying. I rode until I could barely pedal, and I learned that endurance racing can be a challenge. A fun challenge, but very difficult. I barely made the cut for registration that first year, but somehow I got in at the last minute (thanks to a tip from the MadSS.)

Last year, I made sure to sign up the moment that registration opened. I got in, and felt relieved that I got into a race that was six months away. Last year’s showing wasn’t much to speak of either, but it was the debut of my brand spankin’ new Bike29 wheelset. Even though I wasn’t really in endurance racing shape, I felt good riding around the course on new wheels. The first lap was a muddy mess, but subsequent laps turned out to be pristine. I briefly thought about throwing in the towel after that first lap, but somehow kept going. That’s what makes endurance racing so special to me. It makes me push myself more than I normally would.

This year, I got in the second registration opened. Six months from now, I’ll be riding on the trails at Warrior Creek (and possibly a few times before then.) Hopefully I’ll do a little more to get ready this time, including a nice “offseason” training plan. Instead of sitting on my ass and drinking beer like I did last offseason, I’m hoping to take things a bit more serious this time around. That’s not likely, but it does sound good.

If you signed up for the race, I’ll see you there. It’s a big social scene, and it’s nice to chat with folks from all over. That’s actually one of my favorite parts of the event. If I get out there on the course and crash and burn, then it could make for some good storytelling. If I do better this year, no one will be more surprised than me. I may have a few tricks up my sleeve, so watch out.

If you didn’t get signed up, then you are shit out of luck. Like years past, there is probably a waiting list. Get on it, and maybe you can make you wildest dreams come true.

You know, to get out and ride with me for six hours.


Spacecowboy11 said...

When you say ride with you for 6 hours, dont you mean ride faster than you for 6 hours?

TheMutt said...

Not this time. Catch me if you can.