Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Nighttime Fun

I went to a cyclocross race da udda night. Not to race, since I don’t do that type of riding. There is a local CX series here, and it’s located at the same park as one of our trails. We watched a little bit of the action, and it was kinda cool to see.

I still don’t see myself getting into it, but I understand why people do it. It’s difficult and it’s really great training. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see any of this though:

That is the now-famous “second view.”

Anyway, we didn’t really go out just to watch cyclocross. Since we knew the park was open late, it was a prime opportunity for night riding.

Okay, sorry about that. I meant that it was our chance to ride our mountain bicycles in the dark on the trail. I got to take Lunchbox out for his first-ever night ride, and he was a little nervous about it. The Dirty Party Cycle and several other local cycling folks met us out there, and we took a spin out on the singletrack.

I didn’t get any photos since we were so busy riding, but I can tell you that Lunchbox had a blast. He had plenty of light, and actually did well out there. At one point on the ride he shot past the DPC and I on a long climb, then proceeded to drop our slow asses in the woods. That kid is fast, and he loves to let me know it. After talking about our ride on the way home, he agreed that night riding is the bee’s knees. That means we’ll be doing quite a bit of it in the near future. That’s good since it gets dark so early now.

On another note, I’ve been getting reminders lately that I’m not drinking enough beer. Throughout my travels around this fine city, I keep spotting subtle hits that I shouldn’t stray too far from the delicious hoppy beverage.

Well, so much for trying to cut back in the offseason. “Drink up” I say.

In other news, I wanted to mention that George wrote in interesting blog yesterday regarding the history of Bike29. I posed the question, and he answered it. Go read it. It’s a good story.

I’ll be back tomorrow with who knows what else. I’m sure I’ll shit out something good before then.


madSS said...

Joey is world famous now!

Dwayne said...

You coming out to Veteran's Park to watch mo' 'cross??? The older fat kids, like me, race @ 11 or so!! I'll bring ya a bike to use if you'll ride it...