Thursday, December 19, 2013

Busy With Other Stuff

Sorry about not being here yesterday.  I usually let y'all know if I’m taking a day off, but I didn’t really have a chance.  I had to leave for work a little earlier, and when I got there I was kinda busy.

You know, working.

What a mess.  I do like my job though (most of the time.)  Anyway, other than work, I finally got out for another ride on Tuesday and it was fun as usual.  Social pace, minimal mileage, and a few beers made for a good night.  Ah yes, beer.  I had plenty of choices too.

I like beer.  You know this.

It’s still not all about me though.  Since I’m the “bike guy” in my neighborhood,  a guy up the street asked if I could put together some bikes he bought for his kids for Christmas.  He offered to pay me in beer so of course I said yes.

So they’re not really bikes per se, since they came from a local big box store, but they have wheels, pedals, and all that stuff so it’s close enough.  I’m just happy that I’ll see a few more kids riding in the neighborhood.  Even though those bikes are more like toys it’s a start.

We all have to start somewhere.

This time of year is about doing stuff for others so I hear, and I was happy to do my neighbor a solid.  I have some more thoughts on the “holidays”, but I’ll save that for another time.  I have to get to work so I can go for a ride later.

So yeah, now it’s all about me again.

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