Friday, April 15, 2016

Fun Friday

Once again I took more days off than I intended.  Yeah, I’m injured and all that.  Who gives a shit.  I really just felt like being away.

I still hurt.  Quite a bit, thanks for asking.  When I sneeze, laugh, cough, etc. it feels like someone is stabbing me with a dull, rusty knife covered in dog shit.  Also, I haven’t slept worth a damn because I can’t get comfortable.  I move during the night, roll over onto my broken bones, and the pain keeps waking me up. 

So I’m kinda cranky. 

Plus, I’m a little depressed about the whole thing.  The fact that I can’t do anything for a while really bugs me.  It’s not just about the racing either.  I can deal with that.  But, I love riding my bike and nothing else I do makes me feel as happy.  I’ve tried other things like playing a little guitar, and of course, self medicating.

With beer…

I like beer, but quite honestly I haven’t been drinking that much (so I can keep from putting on a gazillion pounds during this long period of inactivity.)  Just as I started whittling my way down to race weight (225 pounds in my case) I have the potential to balloon up to well over 250.  I don’t need that, especially since I drink really good (high calorie) beer.  And no, I won’t drink anything less.

I’m actually getting a little bit better though.  The swelling around my rib cage has gone down and the healing has begun.  It’s all I can do not to rush it, but I promised myself when I got to the point where I could move around normally without much pain I’d go for a little bike ride.  I think that time might be this weekend.

I’m not gonna do anything to jeopardize my recovery, so the first (and probably only) ride this weekend will most likely be a quick trip up to the store, or to dinner with the little lady.  Something easy, with nothing but smooth pavement under my tires.  I’ll keep both wheels on the ground too.

I pinky swear.

I just want to be back to normal so I can ride bikes in the woods (and mountains) again.  If I heal up properly and feel like racing again later this season, then I’ll do that.  But for now I just want to ride.

So that’s my Fun Friday/weekend plans.  There will be beer, and possibly (hopefully) bikes.  This sitting around shit is getting old.  I can only play so many video games and eat so much food before I turn into something (even more) undesirable. 

Mmmm.  Food.

See y’all next week.

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