Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Too Much Time

I've been really busy at work recently (not a bad thing I guess), but the weekends have been kinda slow.  Since I'm still hurting quite a bit, long trips to ride my bike are out.  That gives me lots of free time.  I've been sleeping a lot and playing a ton of guitar (even learning two new songs over the last few weeks of my convalescence.)  But I haven't had much "fun."  Play fun.  You know, like a kid (or an adult acting like a kid) on a bike.

I needed some play time, so I bought myself a toy.

Yeah, it's one of those drone/quadcopter thingys.  Pretty fun once I got the hang of it.

Outside fun time.  It's still not time on a bike.  Yeah, I was outside, but not long enough. I keep getting the hairy eyeball when I stayed indoors too long.

Screw it.  I couldn't take it any longer.  I had to get out on the bike.  Not really digging another roadie adventure, I grabbed one of my off-road machines to try an urban ride.

Don't be such a roadie.

Behind my neighborhood is a hiking trail of some sort.  I ride it every once in a while but this time it was a big deal to try it.  You know, because bumps and stuff.

It actually wasn't bad.  The real issue I had was when I tried to stand up and climb.  You know, because single speed.  Still, I started looking for more stuff off the beaten path.

And to enjoy being outside.

Ribs hurt, but being off road was so much fun that I temporarily forgot about it.  I kept going and ended up on another path through the woods.

It was enjoyable for sure.  I was on my bike, the weather was perfect, and I was able to forget about the pain I was in.  Even gravel grinding was fun.

But then I remembered that there was a trail nearby.  I was feeling frisky, and definitely missed riding on singletrack.

Stay tuned...

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