Monday, July 15, 2013

All Work

And no play.

This weekend, not a single ride was taken.  After doing our group ride at RTS last Thursday, I found myself being extra motivated to finish the first phase.  We have quite a bit of trail to cut, but the end is near.  Soon, we'll have a fun place to ride that is always open, and we won't give a shit about the bad weather around here.

While TomTom took off to the hills to ride Saturday, Good Guy Greg and I met at my house and rode over to the trail.  The last big climb out there has been flagged, so we got to work.

Roughing out new trail and hand finishing existing trail is hard work, but we managed to have a little fun.  Like when Good Guy Greg tried to pull a vine out of a tree and made a giant slingshot.

It kinda reminded me of some Wile E. Coyote shit.


The climb we cut in is brutal, but you really can’t tell from this unassuming photo.

On a short downhill in the middle of that climb, we built a little skinny/jump thingy.

We got a lot done out there that day.  Well, a lot for just two people.  After spending hours cutting in new trail, we decided to stop.

We were getting tired from digging in the woods all day, so we put up the tools and flagged the remainder of the trail.  The flag line now goes all the way to the exit, where a nice surprise will be waiting.

Hell yeah.  That’ll make you pucker up.  Wait until you see what we do with that drop off.

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