Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Good

With no bad this time.

 Photo cred:  Off TheRoad Photos 

Usually after I do a race report, I take time out to talk about all the things I could’ve done better.  Harder efforts, less recovery time, more nutrition, etc., but I’ll skip it this time around.  Instead, I’ll talk about something that made my race pretty awesome.

I get support from various cycling companies (ahem, look over there to the right), and their products serve me well.  One item in particular stood out this time, and honestly I’ve been slacking in the review department for it.  What is it, you ask?

My choice of socks.

That is the DeFeet Cyclismo.  I got them back in March right before I raced down in Charleston, and they’ve been my go to race sock ever since.  The cushion on the bottom keeps my feet comfortable when I’m clipped in, and damn it, they are sexy too.  It seems like a lot of the races (and rides) I’ve done lately have been in the rain, and these socks are the cat’s ass when it comes to foul weather.

In my latest adventure, the weather was nice, but crossing a creek got my feet a pretty wet.  Even then, the Cyclismo stayed comfortable while I hiked up a million switchbacks and then descended down the mountain.  It didn’t take long for them to dry, and when they did they felt as fresh as when I first put them on.

They didn’t look so fresh though.

Don’t worry, they clean up real nice.

Since I first started wearing these for racing, every single event I’ve done has been an endurance race (on a single speed too, but whatever.)  Being in the saddle for hours at a time can be uncomfortable, but having the DeFeet Cyclismo along for the ride keeps my feet feeling mighty fine.  You already know that Defeet socks are the best on the planet (made right here in North Carolina), so I guess that makes these socks the best of the best.

They make me feel like a rock star, but that’s probably because founder and CEO Shane Cooper is a rock star.

Go get some and you can feel like a rock star too.

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