Thursday, July 25, 2013

More Good

Back when I built up my new single speed I had a little issue.  I never mentioned it because it wasn’t really important at the time.  Plus, I knew it would be resolved quickly. 

I had to use (gasp) another brand of headset.

I won’t mention the inferior brand here, but it was included with my new frame.  I already had a Cane Creek 110 that was halfway compatible, but since the new head tube was tapered I knew I needed a new bottom bearing.  Plus, I would be temporarily running a non-tapered fork so I would need that fancy reducer crown race thingy.  Before my frame showed up, I ordered a new bottom bearing, crown race, and pieced together with my “old” top assembly I had what I thought was the proper headset.

The bottom bearing was brand new from Cane Creek, and the top cap and bearing was a leftover from a past bike.  When I tried to install it, I just couldn’t get the preload right.  I was frustrated, until I realized (after searching on the Internets) that my new frame had a 42mm inside diameter, and the bearing I was trying to use was 41mm.

See, size does matter.

In my haste, I put the (included with the frame) headset (top part only) on and figured I would get on the horn with Cane Creek to get the necessary part I needed.  I sorta forgot about it, until I looked down at the headset with disgust during a ride last week.  The next morning, I picked up the phone and asked for help.  It seems that the website only listed headsets in the 42mm variety for the Forty Series, and I just had to have a 110.  I told them that I wouldn’t dare use that “other” brand of headset any longer, and I was reassured that I didn’t need to.

They shipped it out moments after I got off the phone, and after a quick trip by the Pony Express down from the hills I can finally get with the program.

 It’s so purdy.

And wouldn’t you know, it went on without any issues.

I guess that’s what happens when you put the right shit on there.

Anyway, other than bragging about putting fancy new shit on my fancy new bike, today’s post is mostly about customer service.  I didn’t do my homework before I built my new bike, but a quick call to a real live person (in my home state even) got my issue resolved lickety split.  Cane Creek 110 headsets are made right here in NC (I swear, I’ve seen them do it), and once again I get to buy local from one of the best companies in the whole wide world of cycling.

I promise they will give you the same level of customer service.  The best headset you can buy (with a 110 year warranty) that’s made right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. and they actually give a damn about the people that use their products.  Hell, I even got a follow up e-mail to tell me that they hope I enjoy my new bike.

That’s some damn fine service right there.

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