Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Easy Way Out

After spending the day in the cold air at the Whitewater Center on Saturday, I started feeling kinda shitty that evening.  I woke up Sunday feeling even worse.  I had the chills and body aches, but with no other outward symptoms I figured I would be fine.  Maybe I pushed myself too hard “training”, because it sure as hell wasn’t due to the fact that I had too much beer. 

Some people did though:

Yeah, we “partied” out there.  And by “partied” I mean heckled and drank beer.  We’re pretty good at that.

And we got a few good photos for a new Facebook page out there (that I don’t want to mention because I’m nice sometimes.)

I feel a little better now, but still kinda shitty.  With another TC session this morning, it’s all I can do to create a decent blog post (that’s most days.)  So, here are some more rad photos:

And quite possibly the raddest was of Bill The Thrill:

And presented to you in gif form:

Big shout out to Eastwood for those awesome photos.

What an fun day.  

I’m tired.  See y’all tomorrow perhaps.

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