Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Should Take A Day Off

I’ve been working like a mad man at my real job lately. Putting in long hours, which includes a really long commute each day. I’ve been working down in the nether regions of South Carolina, and driving back and forth each day is wearing me the hell out. I’ve actually dozed off at the wheel a couple of times the last few days. That’s not good, I know.

You know the worst part of it? My commute is halfway to the NC mountains (I usually take I85 south to I26.) Once I cross into SC, I can see those mountains and it pisses me off. It’s like they’re teasing me. I really need to get my ass back out there but every day I have to stop and do work. It pays the bills and all that, but I need to have a little free time.

Extra hours, long drives, and shitty weather has kept me off the bike for a while, and that shit needs to change before something bad happens. Right now, the only stress relief I have is the few minutes every once in a while that I get to play my guitar.

I forgot to mention that on Saturday, Good Guy Greg came over and put new strings on my guitar. I've never done it before, and he offered (he is a good guy, you know.) It was a pretty simple process, and it sounds so much better. Even though I can barely play the damn thing, I am getting better at it. I’ll be starting real lessons soon too. That outta be fun and/or stressful.

Back to riding. I talked to The Dirty Party Cycle da udda day, and we started trying to make some plans for this weekend. For the last couple of months, I’ve been trying to take my “new” Enduro for a ride in Pisgah. For some reason or another, the plans keep falling through. This weekend looks promising, but it might be cold as shit. Will I wuss out and stay inside all day Saturday to stay warm? Damn, I hope not. I can only strum the guitar so much.

Bikes are what keeps me sane. Well, riding them anyway. We’ll see if I actually do the next few days.

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