Thursday, July 10, 2014

Down To The Bottom

So yesterday I talked about my new gloves.  It’s important to be able to hold on to the handlebars properly while riding a bike, and you don’t want unnecessary slippage.  Equally (or perhaps even more) important is keeping your bike from slipping off the trail.  On my two main bikes, I’ve been running a Maxxis Ardent, the “do-it-all trail tire" according to their website.  It has definitely done-it-all for me as far as conditions go, but with my recent need for change I decided to give something else a try.

So last night a box of goodness showed up.

I’ve been running the Ikon on the rear of my “race” bike, and I’ve been very satisfied with it.  Good grip and super fast rolling, it’s held great for rides/races with no sign of giving up.  Since it has been a while since I’d put on a new one, I decided that it was time to order a replacement.  Before I ordered anything, I gave Dicky a shout with my phone’s fancy texting capability to ask him about the “new” super-wide 2.35 Ikon.

He said he really liked it, on both a squishy fjork and a rigid frok (even in The Pisgah) in dry conditions.  That was good enough for me, so while I ordered the standard 2.2 for the rear, I added a couple of the 2.35s.

I can see the difference on my garage floor I guess.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to mount any of them to any of my bikes.  Lunchbox and I had a project last night that involved installing stereo equipment in his car, and add to the fact that I had to play handyman on the neighbor’s garage door I kinda ran outta time.

I really like the Ardent up front on both my bikes, so I hope I also like the new, wider Ikon.  I like to dig my front wheel into turns, and with the smaller knobs on these Ikons I hope I can still do that.  There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to mount them up as soon as possible and do a “dry run.”  I should be able to get a set of these installed tonight.

I’ll talk about it soon, but not tomorrow.  We’re back to “Fun Friday” again, and you won’t want to miss that.

I haz special surprise photo to share.

Thanks to Maxxis for the goods.  I know I won't be disappoint.

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1speed said...

I got a similar box inthe mail last night! I only run IKONs -- been using them for about three years now. Best tires I've ever had -- although I've heard good things about the Ardents as well. I still run old school (tubes) on my Misfit, so I ordered the clinchers for those and the Tubeless Ready for my Niner (althgouh both can be used with tubeless, so I'm not sure if I just wasted my cash ...???) At any rate, I'm saving the Niner tires to debut the week before SM100. Enjoy!