Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun Ridin’

Yeah, we’re stupid.

I don’t have much going on right now, especially with 6 Hours of Warrior Creek in the rearview mirror. Since we didn’t have anything better to do, the DPC, Little Miss Sunshine and I went out for a little urban ride. It was Little Miss Sunshine’s idea.

It was pretty uneventful I guess. We hit all the usual stuff: curbs, hills, patches of grass between buildings, etc. It was good to get out and spin the wheels for sure. I can’t always get out and ride a trail (and I don’t care for road riding very much), so this is the next best thing, even if we have to ride on the road a little.

Yeah, I prefer the trail. Sometimes though, things can get interesting around town:

It’s always nice to see critters while out on the bike. No matter how short of a ride it is, there's always a chance of seeing something cool. Too bad those feathered creatures don’t know how to ride. Wait, they can fly. That pretty much kicks bicycling's ass.

So what, I’m slacking today. I can’t shit out a gem everyday (or most days.) Maybe I’ll have some kind of ride report Monday (on a trail.) The weather has been delightful once again, so I’m all about enjoying it. Much better than sitting around on the computer. If you insist on doing that, then stay right here until I get back.

Look at this while you’re waiting:

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