Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Did I Say Monday?

Oops, I must have had a computer error. I meant that I would be back Tuesday. After having an extra long weekend, I should have plenty to talk about. The major this going on over the weekend was the Cackalacky Cup up at Lake Norman State Park. It was an eight hour and twenty minute night race, but I didn’t go there to race. It was a fundraiser for our local club, the Tarheel Trailblazers, so I decided to volunteer my Bike Patrol Services.

I don’t ride up there much due to the distance from my house, but I do enjoy the few times I get to go. This is one of those trails that you never get to ride at night, so I knew that I was in for a treat. As long as no one got hurt, I could ride around all night and enjoy the peace and quiet of the night. I had to wait for the race to start first, and then I could get out on the trail.

The race started Lemans style, which mean that the racers had to take a little jog through the parking lot before the hopped on their bikes.

I spotted my pal the MadSS doing his best Bruce Jenner impression:

I also saw my friends Billy and Mr. Ryde, and they were discussing the benefits of riding on a 29er (Billy really likes big wheels.)

After a little while, I took off. The plan was to ride until I found a few “Oh Shit” spots, and camp out there in case something happened. Those spots were usually determined when I had one of my own “Oh Shit” moments. I had fun riding, and really enjoyed being out on the trail in the dark. While I was waiting, I turned off my bike and helmet light and used my flashlight to check for critters.

Nothing…just me and the trail.

Wait, I think I spotted my bike out there.

Anyway, I rode most of the night, and didn’t have to patch up anyone. If there were any kind of medical needs, those guys must have toughed it out. I didn’t use so much as a band aid. That’s a good thing though.

When the sun came up, the race was over. It just started raining at that moment, and then breakfast was served. I got in over twenty miles, which wasn’t nearly as much as the racers out there. I was still hungry though.

After breakfast, it was time to honor the podium finishers. A quick peek at the prize table revealed something very familiar.

Yep, the good people at Backcountry Research provided some sponsorship love to the race, in the form of Awesome Straps and the brand spankin’ new Tulbag. I was very happy to see such Awesome love. Big thanks to them for supporting our local scene. I tried my best to tell everyone out there the joys of the Awesome Strap, since I was sporting two on my bike.

As for the podium, my buddy the MadSS got the top spot.

He rode all night on a singlespeed, and put in more miles than anyone. It was a tough course, and I was happy to see my friend get a win.

I had a lot of fun out there, and I’m actually glad I didn’t race. It’s nice to just help out once in a while, instead of trying so hard to be a racer boi. I might do it next year, but I’m not certain. I can’t even figure out what I want to do tomorrow.


madSS said...

thanks for all the kind words, You guys made for a great race.
My secret race strategy was to play
Spot TheMutt! and then chisel a notch in my carbon bar every time I saw ya!keep me busy all night

btalley said...

Billy really like's big wheels? What? That's news to me!

Congrats on the win MadSS, and on a single Speed at that, damn good job. Spotted TheMutt out on the trail a few times, I might have squeezed another lap if I played that game of yours. I had a great time, this was an absolute blast.

You know that you have made it in life when your real name and photo are in TheMutt's Blog! YES!