Thursday, September 8, 2011

Media Day

With what’s left of my race season uncertain, I really don’t have a whole lot to talk about. That doesn’t usually stop me, so here goes. First off is my injury report. My hard headedness is not cured, and probably won’t be. My arm on the other hand, is better. While I’m not any sort of medical professional (I do work in a hospital though), I can tell you that it is healing up just fine. My wrist was probably just sprained, and the rest of the pain in my arm is gone. The swelling is down to an almost back to normal state. That means I’ll be back on the bike (and the skateboard) pretty soon. How soon? Maybe tonight for the bike, and whenever I get a chance for the skateboard. Until I do, here’s a reminder of how dangerous (and funny) skateboarding can be.

There is a group ride tonight, and I’m gonna try my best to get there. It’s really close to home, so I really have no excuse. If I can hold on to the handlebars, I’m in. If I can’t, I’m probably in anyway. I told you I was hard headed, and if I get hurt worse then Little Miss Sunshine will probably say, “I told you so.” Being a medical professional herself, she knows better than I do. That’s what makes me somewhat of an idiot sometimes though; not listening to the sound advice of others.

Next up, is another video. This one is my own creation. I had a part two of my Uwharrie ride in the works, but YouTube disabled the audio because I didn’t have permission. Bastards. It wasn’t that great anyway. Since it was pretty much a total fail, I put together some slightly better footage from my trip to Bent Creek. It’s kinda long, but I wanted to capture the entire run on that particular trail. I get good and hauling ass on the last part, and every time I watch it I’m reminded why I like that place so much. If you can suffer through it, you may see why too.

That’s all folks.

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