Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nice Day For A Ride

It was that kind of day here in Charlotte. Pretty blue skies, moderate temperatures, and a little bit of free time. I was on call all weekend for work, but I had to get out and ride. Saturday they pretty much worked me to death, but for some reason they left me alone on Sunday. After getting in a road ride, it was time to take the kids out on the trail. I had a backup plan for the Kids Ride in place in case work called again, but I didn’t need it. I met up with Lunchbox, Little Miss Sunshine, and the rest of the Kids Ride crew at Sherman Branch.

We had a smaller group, but we still planned on having big fun. Now that my race season is pretty much over, I’m free on Sundays. That means we can make the Kids Rides a little more “regular.” We’ll keep them going until it gets too cold outside. You know, when winter starts rearing it’s ugly head.

Weather wasn’t a problem on Sunday though. It was a bit warm when we started at 1:00 p.m., but it was nice and cool in the woods. We did our usual route, but we moved along pretty quickly due to the size of our group. I did manage to squeeze out a few photos though.

That was pretty much it. Like I said, we were moving along. The ride was over before we knew it, but the kids had fun. I actually rode my singlespeed, and didn’t really have any issues pushing my 32X18 along at such slow speeds. I told y’all I planned on taking out the singlespeed a lot more, so it’s a start I guess. There may be a singlespeed only event for me on the horizon too, so I should probably get used to riding it. More on that later.

Short post today, I know. Go find something else to do with the rest of your day.

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