Thursday, September 15, 2011


I’m busy. Way too busy to be on here posting a bunch of nonsense. I’m busy with other nonsense, if you must know. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. Let’s just say that I’ve been looking for things, and planning for other things. It may be interesting, but most likely it will be about the same as usual around here.

Since I won’t be blessing you with my words, I’ll give you something else. Yes, another video. This is from my trip to Bent Creek a little while back. It’s the last of the footage I had from my GoPro, so I thought I should put it on the Internets. It’s from what I think is the best trail out there at Bent Creek, a little gem called Green’s Lick. The trail is fun, super fast, pucker your asshole kinda downhill. You go a lot faster than you want to on this section of singletrack goodness. The danger factor and penalty for failure is pretty high; just the way I like it.

The first park of the video is the trail, followed by a fast, smooth fireroad descent. Even though it’s fireroad, the loose gravel combined with excess speed can be tricky. I dig that. I also went in a different direction with the music, using a little Flogging Molly. Enjoy.

See y’all tomorrow with my weekend itinerary.

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dirtparticle72 said...

Holy shitweizen, looks like you were flying down that trail..