Wednesday, November 13, 2013

After The Ride

When we finished riding at Rocky Knob, the little lady and I decided that we needed to stick around the mountains and get into some shit. For some reason I wanted to shop for western wear, so she went for another ride.

I didn't pick up any fancy duds, but I did find this sweet bottle-opener/belt buckle.

After that short stop,we headed over to the nearby Appalachian Mountain Brewery for some post-ride refreshments. We bellied up to the bar and I went right at it.

It was sampling of their finest brews, although I didn't care for all of them. This one in particular had a name that's well past its prime.

Seriously? Stop using that. No one gives a shit about the Honey Badger anymore.

I drank it anyway, and the rest of them of course.

My favorite out of the bunch was the 71 IPA, which was plenty hoppy and made me feel quite special. This was, dare I say, the perfect IPA. Plenty of bite and super bitter (not to mention high in alcohol), and I couldn't get enough of it. Although they do sell growlers of their beer to take home, they didn't have any of the 71 available that day. Instead, I had to settle for the Little Red IPA . Not as high in alcohol, but plenty hoppy nonetheless.

I was happy to take something home at least.

You know me. I love beer.

They brew their own right there on site, which makes this place a must-visit if you're ever up in Boone.

They have something for everyone, including beer snobs like me. The IPAs (my favorite) were great, but I even enjoyed the stout and the porter they had. It's a shame that they aren't a little closer to me, but that just means that a few more trips up to the hills are in order.

My bike wants to go back anyway.

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