Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I’m Always Thankful For…

Beer, of course.

Thanks to TomTom for this delicious brew.

Right now though, I’m thankful that it’s a short week. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (you do own a calendar, right?) and most of you will sit around all day stuffing your face with uh, stuffing. And I guess turkey and all that too.

Why am I even here today? Who knows. Judging from my drive into work this morning, a lot of people have the day off. I guess I’m thankful for that too. An easy drive into work is always appreciated.

I’m not big on Thanksgiving, but I’ll probably eat some turkey tomorrow too. Hopefully it will dry up enough so I can ride my bike somewhere around here.  We've had some shit weather lately and it’s starting to drive me crazy.

I will get out to ride over the next four days…somehow.

Do me a favor. When you get done eating yourself unconscious, wake up and go for a bike ride.

You gotta do something, you lazy bastards.

See y’all Monday.

1 comment:

Tom F. said...

Who you calling lazy?