Thursday, November 7, 2013

More Stuff

In case you were wondering, I think my knee is back to normal for now.  I’m not sure what was going on, but a little rest, some ice, and lots of beer may have had something to do with my recovery.  And I guess my Highly Classified Electrification Torture Device may have helped too.  Nothing like a little shock therapy to tell my body to shut the hell up and quit hurting.

I didn’t really get to ride Sunday at our party (other than the tricycle race), but I did have a good ride on Saturday with no pain whatsoever.

It’s time to have fun this “offseason”, and make sure all my wounds are healed so I can be ready for next year.  Or, maybe I’ll just hurt myself worse riding on all these “dangerous” trails.  Whatever.  Our social ride this past Tuesday was pretty good too, even though I wouldn’t call the place we rode “dangerous.”  I rode a couple of laps with no pain, even though it was a little chilly out and I thought that would affect my knee.  I guess I’m back to normal now, unless I do something stupid.

Never mind.  I'm sure I will.

In other news, I got some more goodies that I nearly forgot to talk about.  Since the cold season is pretty much here, I made sure to get another version of one of my favorite socks:

The Cyclismo now comes in toasty-warm wool to keep my feet warm (and yours too.)  Just like the ones I’ve talked about before, these have extra padding underneath to make clipping in more comfortable.

This ain’t old-school wool though.  They are light, not itchy, and easy to put on and take off.  They will get plenty of use this winter for sure.

Since a package was already heading my way from the hills, I made sure they threw in a pair of my best buddy’s new sock.

Yup, the Trail Ninja socks.  These are a new design of the Levitator Trail sock I’ve been wearing for a little while now.  Snazzy new designs on a super comfortable sock makes this one a winner.

And my legs look better in them anyway.

Now, where’s my new sock design?

Probably in the trash can over there at DeFeet headquarters. I’m a nobody, but you never know.  Stay tuned.

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