Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Things Are Sketchy

Nope, I'm not talking about the wild moped gang that appeared out of nowhere yesterday. I mean, here on the blog. All this ass-busting I've been doing on a project at work lately has been getting worse, but the end is near.  It's cutting into my free time, which also happens to be my bike riding, guitar playing, and blogging time.  

Oh yeah, I also had to drop off one of the cats at the vet yesterday.

Anyway, things have been slow in the bike world too, other than an urban ride we all did last night in honor of Little Miss Sunshine’s birthday.  

It was fun, but I haven't done much else.  I was sick over the weekend, so I watched her clean parts to prepare them for her welding projects.

And I watched Lunchbox play with an umbrella for some reason.

See? It's not real exciting around here.  I blame all the rain we've had.  I haven't been on a trail in far too long.  I hope that changes soon or I'm gonna go bat shit crazy.

And just for poops and hahas, here's a random picture of me riding a skateboard (which I ave been known to do from time to time.)

What an odd blog post.  I promise it will get better soon.

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Unknown said...

Yesterday's lack of post left me with extreme disappoint and caused me to have to entertain myself for an extra 2 minutes. Ugh.