Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Little Busy

I wasn’t here yesterday.  You may or may not have noticed.  I had something a little more important to take care of.

Our oldest cat (nicknamed “Fat Kitty”) had to go to the vet yesterday.  Since I had to drop her off early and wait at the office for a bit, it cut into my blogging time.  I didn’t mind, since I do kinda sorta have a heart.  This cat is pretty special, and she’s really old.  She hasn’t been doing so well lately.

Her eyesight is gone.  We noticed that she was acting clumsy, and just chalked it up to being old.  She has also lost quite a bit of weight over the last year or so, dropping down to ten pounds from a tubby twenty five.  Again, we thought maybe she’s just getting old.  I think we figured that she’s about fifteen, which is way up there for any cat. 

The diagnosis wasn’t great.  She has a heart murmur, a hemorrhage in one eye and a torn retina in the other.  Her kidney function is bad too.  We might be able to help her a little with a change in diet, but we won’t know everything until the blood work comes back. 

Poor kitty.

She’s been in my life for the last eight years.  Little Miss Sunshine got her a few years before we met, but since I met her, I’ve been really attached.  She took to me immediately (the first time I went over to visit), and we’ve been really close since. 

I know it’s just a cat, but she’s pretty awesome.  She loves to lay on your chest and snuggle, which with the “I don’t give a shit about you attitude” of cats is pretty special.  I hate to think about losing her, but that’s a real possibility these days.  Hopefully she can hang on and live a quality life for a little while longer.  She seems to get around just fine despite her blindness, and even though she has some old lady problems she’s pretty happy.

I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled nonsense tomorrow.  This is weighing on my mind so I had to talk about it.

See y’all in the morning.

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