Thursday, August 14, 2014

Remember Me?

I took a much needed vacation.  From work, daily responsibilities, and even this blog.  I needed to get away from all of that.  Now I’m back at work, the lawn needs mowing, and this blog ain’t gonna write itself.

It couldn’t be worse than me writing it, right? 

Anyway, like I usually do on vacations, I crammed a ton of shit into a short amount of time.  Just the driving was more than enough.  Charlotte to Manassas, VA on Friday.  Leave Manassas really late Friday night, drive to Richmond to check into the hotel.  Stayed in Richmond all day Saturday, but left for Washington, D.C. early Sunday morning, back to Richmond late that night.  Up early, and luckily stayed in Richmond all day Monday.  Tuesday, drive back to Washington early in the morning, leave there during rush hour and drive back to Charlotte.


I’m sure I’ll get into the bulk of it next week, but I’ll do a short recap now.  Lunchbox and I visited with several family members Friday night in Manassas, and all of Saturday was spent watching training camp for the Washington Redskins.  With VIP passes in our possession, we were close to the action.

And we had all the food and drink we wanted.

A ride was planned for that day since we brought our bikes.  But after spending over six hours at the practice facility watching and talking to players, we chilled out in the hotel.  Our bikes would have to wait.

The next day we spent some time in D.C.  I took lots of photos (again, which I’ll get into next week), but we did visit the National Zoo.

Monday consisted of more football practice (two to be exact), and we finally managed to get in a mountain bike ride.

Then it was back to D.C. the next morning to sight see in the rain.

I’m still tired, and still collecting my thoughts.  Maybe tomorrow will be a Fun Friday post, or maybe it will be the next part of our trip recap.

I know you’re excited.

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