Friday, August 15, 2014

Fun Friday (Vacation Edition)

Since I took a ton of photos during our trip, I figured I’d have a few that I could use for a lazy day Fun Friday post.  I took a lot of the standard D.C. shots, but I found a few things that make me chuckle.

Like Dicky’s side business:

It's spelled wrong.  Whatever.

You never know what kind of weird shit you’ll see up there in Washington.  Some things I just couldn’t figure out:

Or this fella that I didn’t even want to know about:

Some drunk dude staring at the street.  We came back by there about an hour later, and he was still there:

I dunno.

Or this van that looked awful suspicious parked near the White House:

Notice the American flag used to hide the contents of the van. There was also an odd security system in place.

Maybe that’s why these guys were repairing the barriers on Pennsylvania Avenue:

Funny? Maybe.  Fun to see?  I guess.  We did ride some bikes in D.C., which was really fun (and I’ll get into it more next week.)  I’ll tease by saying that I got all Enduro™ in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Our 16th President would be proud.

I’m out.  Not fun enough for a Friday post?  Go out and have your own fun.  That’s what I’m gonna do.

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