Thursday, August 7, 2014

Outta Here

This is it for me here for a while because I’m off for a few days.  At the beginning of the year I made plans to take a road trip way up to Michigan with a whole bunch of Charlotte folks for Single Speed USA.  Almost everyone backed out (except for Eastwood, who’s currently on the way there with Zac.)  With everything else I had going on, there was no way I could fit in a trip with so much driving.  I hope those fuckers have a good time up there drinking and riding one-geared bikes.  I know I would if I was there.

And there’s this other thing.  Every year, Lunchbox and I make a summer pilgrimage to Virginia to partake in training camp for our favorite foosball team, family visits, sightseeing, and even a little mountain biking.  It just so happens that this trip takes place the same exact weekend as SSUSA.  So while people will be riding some fun trails in a far away land, the kid and I will be in the city of do-nothing politicians and historic buildings.

Our annual summer vacation couldn’t come fast enough this year.  I need a break, and time on the road with my son is something I look forward to every year.  We have some mountain bike adventures planned, as well as some sightseeing and all that jazz.

So, no Fun Friday tomorrow.  No Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday either. 

In the meantime, go out and get yourself the new DrunkCyclist calendar.  I got mine.

Available here:  DrunkCyclist Calendar

See y’all Thursday if I’m not too tired.

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