Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stress Relief

I’ve talked about our social ride before.  I normally look forward to Tuesdays, since a lot of the time it’s the only day during the week that I get to ride.  Good people, good pace, and good food afterwards will make you forget about whatever you had going on during the day.  Yesterday though, I just didn’t feel like riding.  I had my bike with me at work, but when it came time to hit the road I briefly thought about skipping the ride and heading straight home.  Something told me to go anyway.

I’m glad I did.  Once I got out on the trail with the group, I felt pretty awesome.  We had a big bunch of folks, and riding a trail that I hadn’t been to in a while made me feel like I was there for the very first time.  It was sorta like being a kid again.

Photo sequence credit:  TomTom

I guess the lesson of the day is:  When you get a chance to ride, go ride.  Work has been extra sucky lately, and being out in the woods on my bike is one of the few things that helps me forget.  Sure, I have my guitar, but I have to work so hard at it that it’s hard to relax and it enjoy sometimes.  On the bike I can mentally check out, and just focus on the little strip of trail in front of my wheel.

That helps make things right.  Well, that and beer.

Only one day left for me this week.  I'm going on a much needed vacation.  More on that tomorrow...

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