Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Check the signs

"Do you think this bike would make me faster?"

There’s not a lot of bike stuff going on, since the Tree Shaker 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race isn’t until next Saturday. I’m preparing as best I can, and the team thing seems to be going well. No new developments as of yet. This weekend is the big IMBA Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day at Colonel Francis Beatty Park with Trips for Kids Charlotte, the Tarheel Trailblazers, and REI. Wow, that’s a lot of links. Go visit them and see what they are all about. We are really excited and hope to have a lot of kids in attendance. I’ll talk more about it on Friday, and I’ll be sure to include a bunch of links again, just in case you didn’t get enough linky linky action. I’m just trying to stay busy and stay in shape for the Tree Shaker. Perhaps some more cross training is in order. This guy knows what I'm talking about:

“I’ll kick your ass at any sport. Bring it!”

So yeah, I’m cheating today. While there are some events coming up soon, today won’t be any more bike-related. Wait, I can feel your excitement. Ahhh, there it is. Anyway, I thought I would post up a few pictures that I have collected from our wonderful metropolitan area. I know my loyal audience deserves better than this. Well, pretend this is better, because you deserve it!

“Mmmm, sounds yummy. I’ll have that.”

“Really? What a nice service. I’m sure it keeps them sparkling fresh.”

“So, wait. If someone is trying to mow the grass in the stream, I can’t disturb them? I’m confused.”

This was at a restaurant. I guess you should get the hell out of there as fast as you can so you don't puke on their floor.

On that note, I’m out. See you tomorrow, I hope.


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