Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Excitement Aplenty

Yes. Your observation is correct. It hasn’t been very exciting around here lately. No racing, no road rides ending in disaster, and not even any skateboarding to speak of. Welcome to the life of a total bore. How can you be so down on yourself, you say? Well, I’m not really, but I like having interesting things to talk about. However, a quick look at all of the daytime TV shows indicates that people will watch anything. I’m kind of banking on the fact that this will carry over to the reading of my blog. So, even though I am not currently fighting for a race series finish, I guess I still have things to talk about. I’ll try a little experiment on you. Look at the picture above for at least thirty seconds. Did you yawn? I did, numerous times. I’m yawning right now. Don’tcha feel sleepy right now? Take a nap, I’ll wait.

How do you feel? Good. Let’s continue. I know I mentioned before that I had a few prepartions to make for the Tree Shaker 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race. Well, as far as the tent goes, I did a little shopping on the internets. Geez Louise, I didn’t realize how expensive those damn things are. Most places want a hundred clams or more, and they are probably of the shitty variety. Now I’m wondering if I should plunk down the money for a tent that I will hardly use. Maybe I can beg, borrow, or steal one for the event. I should start looking. Like my Grandma used to say, “Time’s a wastin’.” Actually she always said, “Shit or get off the pot.”

Tonight I plan on taking a nice long road ride after work. Notice I said “plan.” Little Miss Sunshine is on call in case of a widespread heart attack dilemma in the Metro Charlotte region, so she may not be home on time. That means that Lunchbox will have to fend for himself for dinner, or wait until I get home. I’m sure he will be fine, but I am more concerned about whether or not I make it home from my roadie adventure. If Little Miss Sunshine is out late tonight saving lives, then she can’t save my sorry ass from the mechanical misadventures I’ve been having as of late. I never have to worry about these things when I am on the mountain bike. Maybe I will convince Lunchbox to go on a night-time mountain biking excursion on one of our local trails. I’m sure he will be all for it.

Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.


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