Thursday, February 11, 2010

Preparing Once More

Don’t be sad, but this will be my last post for the week. Tomorrow, I have some out of town corporate nonsense; I mean a meeting, so I don’t imagine that I’ll get on here with enough time to provide anything worth reading. Come to think of it, I hardly do that anyway. Besides, there are plenty of sites on the Internets for you to go enjoy (and waste your time.)

Like this one:

Waste of Time

Now, back to the (not so) good stuff. Race number four of the 2010 Winter Short Track Series is this Saturday. What, Saturday? Yep, the race promoter scheduled the last two races on Saturday, and I think this one in particular is due to Valentines Day falling on Sunday. I don’t get it though. I mean, what better way to say “I love you” than to show your sweetheart how much time and dedication you put into something else you love, like mountain biking. That shows a lot of dedication and passion. Isn’t that what women want to see?

I actually have somewhat of a dilemma this week. Since it appears that we will have a break in the wet weather, the trails should be nice and not so muddy. That being said, I am considering riding my main ride, Goose.

While I am well aware that riding this bike won’t make me faster, it might make the race a little more enjoyable. I’ve spent the last three races riding a polished turd (The Greatest Short Track Bike on Earth), and I am thinking I need to retire it for a while. Well, at least until I get some better components on it.

This thing has been sufficient, to say the least, but I am actually growing tired of riding it. Since I am not known to make snappy decisions on anything, I may just bring both bikes along on Saturday morning and decide at the very last possible moment. I can’t decide. What should I do?

Speaking of the Greatest Short Track Bike on Earth (what a misnomer that is), I have another thing in the works. A big (at least for me) announcement is forthcoming. It’s big because I never thought I would do such an out of (bicycle) character thing. In the spirit of keeping you in suspense, I’ll delay that one until next week sometime. I’ll just say for now that I am expecting a delivery from the Big Brown Truck any day now. The contents will not be revealed just yet, but please be patient. I can tell you that it’s not a new unicycle (I have enough), although I have been considering riding that in the next 2010 Winter Short Track Series race. I mean, why not? I would suffer just as much, and it would be entertaining to all who will be watching. That’s just crazy talk, right? Tune in Monday to see what’s happening.

Just to tide you over, here is another video from Bart at Southpark Cycles. Big thanks to him for racing with the helmet cam, so I can use his footage here on the blog. I gave him credit, so hopefully he won’t mind. Just in case, go to Southpark Cycles and buy something. Thanks.

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