Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Big “O”-nnouncement

So, you came here today to find out what the big deal was. I got some new stuff, right? Big deal, everyone gets new stuff. Hell, I cleaned up at Christmas. What more could I want? I’m glad you asked. Well, I asked for you, but whatever. Wait, am I talking to myself here? Probably so.

Well, I finally gave in to the constant peer pressure from my shop, my friends, and some anonymous (to me) people out on the Internets. Since the Greatest Short Track on Earth was such an epic fail, I am giving big wheels a try. Not a Big Wheel, but a 29er bicycle. An anonymous commenter guessed yesterday that I got a 29er singlepeed, and I flat-out denied it. I only denied it because he or she was only half right. I love having gears too much to go with the singlespeed thing. I imagine I’ll give into that one some day too. I’m a sucker for punishment, and singlespeeders seem to be all about that.

So, what the hell did I get anyway? Anyone who’s been around here for a while knows how much I love I have for Diamondback Bicycles, so you can probably guess that my foray into 29 inch wheeled bikes would include them. Well, you would be correct. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Big O, or my new Diamondback Overdrive frame.

(Cat tree not included.)

I didn’t just grab this frame because it’s a Diamondback, mind you. While that had a lot to do with it, there are a few more reasons to it than that. First, I got a hell of a deal on the frame. I couldn’t pass it up, no matter how hard I tried. Second, who wouldn’t fall in love with these sexy curves?

Okay, maybe that’s not such a good reason to start riding 29ers. However, this next tidbit of information was good enough for me. Are you aware that back in 1992, Diamondback Bicycles was one of the very first companies to roll out a big-wheeled bike, also called the Overdrive? Yes, they get zero points for name originality. While it took off like a lead ballon back then, they were able to resurrect it two years ago and get with the times. The Overdrive would probably be considered an “entry-level” 29er, and that’s okay with me since I would be considered an “entry-level” 29er rider. A match made in heaven.

Also, there have been plenty of good reviews for this bike, even from “respectable” people.

Here is one from Guitar Ted.

And the follow-up.

Here is one from Bicycling magazine.

This is from some random website I pulled out of my ass (and coincidentally was “borrowed” from Guitar Ted’s website.

One thing stuck out in the last review: The Overdrive Pro represented a new class of 29″er: The “Under Grand Group.” I guess that means you don’t have to spend a ton of money to ride a big-wheeled bike. I’m all about that one. Besides, this is yet another experiment for me, and I hope it doesn’t end in failure like the Greatest Short Track Bike on Earth. Only time will tell.

Since I only have a frame in my possession, I’ll be building this one up from scratch. Sure, I’ll reuse some of the not shitty parts from The Greatest Short Track Bike on Earth, but I am still in need of some 29er-specific parts, such as a fork and wheels. I may go a little cheap on those at first, since I have no idea if I will like riding on clown wheels. Also, I have some upgraded parts (that I felt weren’t good enough for my current P.O.S. hardtail) on standby. There will be no shitty v-brake action on the 29er either, since I have a nice set of hydros for it. What a relief that will be.

So, what will it look like when it’s done? I don’t know for sure, but here is what it would look like if you purchased it from the shop, so you have some kind of idea:

Image "borrowed" from Diamondback's display at Interbike.

Hopefully when I build it, it won’t have such shitty parts, although it is a possibility. The only thing I may skimp on for now would be the fork, but I am looking for a helluva deal somewhere. Also, this thing won’t be built overnight. I plan on taking my time to find the right stuff to put on it, so I will keep everyone updated as I go along. While I realize that it won’t make me any faster, it looks like it could be fun. One thing for sure, it will have gears and a squishy fork…for now.


Anonymous said...

I somehow knew you were going to try "clown wheels." Are you giving up the 26 inch wheels?

TheMutt said...

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous,

I don't think I'll be giving up the 26 inch wheel anytime soon. I like my Goose too much. Besides, this is just an experiment. I may hate riding on big wheels.