Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Race Three (Part Two)

While I did cover race number three of the 2010 Winter Short Track Series on Monday’s post, I have a few things to add. Remember the crash I mentioned at the beginning of my race? Well, local bike shop owner Bart happened to have his camera ready and “accidentally” captured the horrific event. Since he posted one of them on a public forum, I jacked it from the site. Check it out:

As you can see, I am right in the middle of the photo, and prety close to getting tangled up in it. I watched as the action unfolded, and swerved in the nick of time to avoid the danger. The rider on my right tried to do the same, but ended up pretty much running over the guy. I’m happy that I wasn’t either one of those two fellers. Bart actually captured a couple of photos depicting the crash. You can see them here.

Also posted on the same public forum was a link to some photos that were taken by another person (who I do not know, I might add.) He got one of me while I was suffering through the fire road climb. I would give him credit, but I have no idea who he is. We’ll call him B_Rizzi, since that’s what his Photobucket account says.

More pics can be found here

Since I don’t want to spend two days rehashing my shitty race adventures (once is enough), I’ll switch to another subject. I read our local paper yesterday, and there was an article concerning the U.S. National Whitewater Center here in Charlotte. If you’re a local, then you are aware of the massive amount of debt they have acquired (and are unable to pay back) since their opening a few years ago. There has been much debate around here regarding their business practices, including the five dollar parking fee that was instituted almost two years ago. I love riding the trails out there, and the other activities they offer are an asset to our region. Because of this, I have been a supporter of them, even though I’ve had my doubts as to whether they could continue to operate. This latest news story looks promising for the center; even if it means that my tax dollars are still a source of funding.

Here is a link to the story:

Whitewater center's lenders give it a break

Wow, two-thirds of their debt has been forgiven. That is a shocker indeed. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get that kind of a break? I mean really, Joe Q. Public would be shit out of luck if he owed that much to his lenders. That would be instant bankruptcy, or a good ol’ fashioned tar and feathering. While I don’t agree with the bailout, I am happy to see that the Whitewater Center has a chance to remain in operation. I just wish that there was another way to go about it. Maybe a regime change is in order out there. I mean, someone else has to be able to run that place and make some money, right?

By the way, this story is pertinent to my blog for obvious reasons (I mountain bike at the Whitewater Center), but there is another notable coincidence. Yes, by coincidence I mean the coincidence number. There are a total of 43 lenders wrapped up in this bailout. Maybe that’s a bad sign.

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