Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things to Come

I’ve mentioned that there are a lot of events I plan on doing this year, so I figured I would cover the next two on the calendar. First, I’m planning on spending a significant amount of time in the saddle of my road bike for a “training ride” (as the promoter calls it.) Next month, I’m hitting up the 10th annual CSC Winter Training Ride. What, a winter training ride in the spring? Well, the date has been moved from its original one in February, and I hear that it is now being billed as a “spring” training ride. It is the 10th annual, but my first. There are distances of 30, 55, and 70 miles, which is geared towards cyclists of all abilities. Since I am a mid-pack kind of cyclist, I’ve chosen to do the 55 mile version. It will be my longest road ride ever, but I’m not too worried about it since there will be plenty of support and rest stops (should I choose to rest.)

I’ve been trying to talk the Dirty Party Cycle into joining in on the fun, and I hope I’m successful. He hasn’t had the chance to ride in a group, and I know he will enjoy it. My buddies Patrick and the MadSS don’t have road bikes, so I don’t suppose they would want to play along. That would be hell to ride a mountain bike that far on the road. This should be good fun, and it will be a nice tune-up for my next adventure the following weekend:

Yep, I signed up for six hours of torture, I mean the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. I’m attempting to do this one solo, and I have no idea why. I guess it’s because I want to see how far I can push myself, or to see if my legs will fall off. It should be an adventure, riding in the “real” mountains you know. That was part of the reason I did the hell-ride this past Sunday. I have to prepare somehow. Although I may never truly be ready for that kind of endurance race, at least now I know that I should eat before and during the race. I’m sure that Little Miss Sunshine will hook me up with a cooler full of food for the event. I’ll probably pack some beer too (you know me.)

Here is a video of last year’s race:

Pretty cool, huh? It should be fun, if I don’t die. Lots of people from our local mountain biking community will be there, so at least I’ll see some familiar faces. Patrick, the MadSS, and a slew of others have signed up, so we can shoot the shit when we pass each other on the course (or they just pass me.) This will be the first time that I will travel so far to race, but I promised myself that I would get out of town for at least one this season. It is being held at the Kerr Scott Trail System, which if you recall I’ve ridden before (just not that particular trail.) Of the three trails out there, I’ve done Dark Mountain and the Overmountain Victory Trail. Patrick, The DPC, MadSS, and I are planning on heading up there for a little recon action very soon. I don’t care about doing a lot of miles there when we go, but I do want to at least ride it once. I’m sure I’ll be plenty familiar with it after six hours on race day. So fun.

Just so you don’t wonder where the hell I am, you won’t find any new stuff on here for a few days. Little Miss Sunshine and I are getting the hell out of Dodge to celebrate our anniversary, so there will be no new posts from me for a while. I probably won’t even bring my computer, since Little Miss Sunshine might catch me checking my blog stats, shopping for bike parts, or something else like that. The plan is just to get away for some “alone time.” Lunchbox will be hanging out with the Dirty Party Cycle for the weekend, so hopeully they won’t get into too much trouble. They’ll probably be hitting up some sweet singletrack while we’re gone. Awesomeness! See y’all next week sometime.

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