Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day

Thanks to Mother Nature giving us a nice winter blast this weekend, I have a little something different for you today. It all started Friday evening as I was headed home from work. The sky opened up and snow was a-fallin’. While it’s nice to get some snow once in a while, it doesn’t make for nice driving conditions. The weatherman said this was to continue through the night, so when I got home we were prepared to be snowed in. Yeah, this is the south, so it doesn’t take much to get snowed in here. I'm sure that people up in Canada are laughing right now.

When we awoke in the wee hours of the morning here at the B-43 Headquarters, we found a Winter Wonderland outside. We couldn’t wait to get out an play in it. Little Miss Sunshine grabbed the dogs and took them out for a snow-walk:

I made us some breakfast (to get ready for a hard day of playing.) Lunchbox had arisen form his standard weekend teenager coma and we filled our bellies. We grabbed all of our snow gear and headed outside. Most of the neighbors were already outside, and they were sliding down our big hill on any and everything they could find:

I grabbed the snow skateboards (yeah, we skate in the snow too) and we joined in the fun. After trying to actually skate on them, we found that it would be more fun to ride on them belly-down in a sled-like manner. We were flying down the hills, with little or no regard to our own safety. This was a snow day, and all rules were now out the window.

Watch out kid, here I come!

Little Miss Sunshine enjoyed being a kid again, while Lunchbox risked his own safety to get this photo.

My neighbor, The Chili Man, was getting’ jiggy with it, skater style.

After playing for a while, we decided that we weren’t extreme enough. I mean hey, this is an extreme sports type blog, so we need to give the readers some action. I busted out my snowboard, all in the name of blog super-stardom:

Please, don’t try this at home, although I am doing this in front of my house.

Lunchbox soon followed suit, and grabbed his snowboard for a little neighborhood ski-resort fun:

Not to be outdone, Little Miss Sunshine grabbed her skis and hit the “slopes.” She bombed the neighborhood hill like a seasoned pro:

Even a couple of our cats got in on the action. Okay, not the sliding down the hill action, but they did have some fun in the snow:

It was a great way to spend a Saturday. We were pretty much stuck in the neighborhood, but that was okay because it was a snow-filled playground. It was nice to be out in the snowy goodness with all of our neighborhood kids, big and small. I wasn’t brave enough to take the bike out in the snow/icy goodness, for fear of breaking something (or myself.) Nevertheless, we had loads of fun. I would have never guessed that I would get to snowboard in my own neighborhood, much less get to do it with out paying for a lift ticket. And you thought B-43 was just about bicycling and skateboards.

Photo credit: Me, Lunchbox, Little Miss Sunshine, and The Chili Man.

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