Thursday, January 15, 2015

Things Are Happening

Just not every single day around here.  I wasn’t here yesterday, and I’m good with that.  I decided that it’s okay to take random days off during the week, especially if I don’t have much to talk about.  Besides, I’m not feeling too great still.  I didn’t sleep too well Tuesday night, so yesterday morning I decided that blogging could wait.  It’s my own fault though after spending Saturday out in the cold, waking up feeling bleh, then going outside in the cold again another day to clean some bikes.

Almost out of  ProGold Degreaser and Wash.  It works, so I’ll get more.

I scrubbed things, removed dirt and grease, and adjusted things that needed adjustment. 

A clean bike is a happy bike.

Darth Maul has never been happier.

Having a single speed is easy, maintenance wise.  Clean, lube the chain, add Stan's sealant to the tires, check random bolts for proper torque, etc.  It wasn’t much of a challenge, so I grabbed the little lady’s filthy bike, that hasn’t been cleaned in far too long even though I recently installed a drooper post.

New parts installation usually means a wash first.  Meh.

I used the last of the ProGold wash and got her bike all shiny and new looking.

With all those gears, I had to spend some time remembering how to adjust everything.  Shifty bits now shift properly and all that.  I felt like I accomplished something, especially since I also washed The Executor (my Niner ROS9.)

Sorry, no photos of that excitement.  You’ve seen enough clean bike photos.

I am pretty excited, but not about clean bikes.  I got some pretty cool news.  Since I ‘m not very good at segues (even though I did just mention Niner), I’ll show you a screen shot from an e-mail I got Tuesday night.

Yes, I am now a Niner Ambassador.  And yes, they picked me for some reason.  Over 1,300 applied, and they somehow narrowed it down to less than 75 people (worldwide.)  I’m sure there were more than a few folks that were just trying to “score some free stuff” or whatever, but I bet there were a lot of good people on that list that should have been selected but weren’t. 

So yeah, I feel pretty honored.  I met the requirements I’m sure, but I don’t feel like I’m better than the ones who didn’t make it.  I may act like a douche on here sometimes, but I know I’m not all that.  It’s just fun to pretend sometimes.

And it will be fun representing Niner this season (officially now), along with all the other great supporters you see over there on the right of this page.

I’m not exactly sure what this “season” holds, but there will definitely be more riding, some training, a little racing, and a whole lot of fun on two wheels.

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