Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun Friday

It’s been a long week for me for some reason.  I’m very happy it’s over.  Things are looking up though, especially since this time next week me and the little lady will be in Arizona.  I just gotta make it through the rest of the day, which isn’t looking real easy at this point.

I hear ya.

It is Fun Friday however, which means that I can spit out a sorry excuse for a blog (sorrier than usual) just to get out of here.  I haz excite for the weekend.

It’s been cold here again, and I even saw a little sleet yesterday.  Does that mean snow is on the way?  Maybe.  I think the ever so accurate weather people say that there could be some here next weekend.  I won’t be here, luckily.

Lunchbox will though, and I know he will enjoy it.

Watch that again.  It made me chuckle, which is what Fun Friday is all about around here.

See y’all Monday, probably with another report from the party in the woods at the short track.

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