Thursday, January 22, 2015

Making Plans

This weekend, the first “race” of the season starts. 

The 2015 Winter Short Track Series kicks off on Sunday and I plan to be there.  However, I don’t plan to race just yet.  Sure, I’ve been “training”, but not for this.  In fact, if you’re the type that trains for a race series like that, then maybe you should set you goals a little higher.  It is a great course and a great event though, and I’m so glad we have something like this around here. 

But I plan to do what we did last year, and maybe if I’m feeling a little froggy I might jump in and race one or two.  As you can tell, I’m just not that into racing it yet, even though it could be fun.  I might get out there this weekend and feel the need to mix it up, in which case I’ll show up the following week ready to “race.”  For now, we’ll just get the party in the woods going again.  Lunchbox has a whole new array of costumes, and I have some friends to heckle.  The folks out there really need someone to yell at them while they ride (I sure do) and I’m happy to provide the service.

We’ll play nice, even though some people act like they are out there going for the national championship.

Come on and hang out with us, or race if that’s your thing.  It will be fun either way.

I am considering racing soon.  Real soon.  I’m not counting my trip to Arizona in a few weeks as a race though.  I’m looking at something a little more “serious.”

The 12 Hours of Santos is coming up next month, and although I was burned out on the whole racing thing last year when I went down there, I’m thinking about giving it another shot.  I’ll be a lot more focused this time around, and I actually enjoy riding bikes again.  I had fun during the event last year for the most part, but my inner demons took over and I lost the love.  Hopefully I can get down there and get my groove back.

It’s about a week and a half after the little lady and I get back from AZ, and if I get my time off approved from work I’m in I guess.  It seems like a good way to test the waters so to speak, and maybe I can start this season off right by suffering in the woods for twelve hours. 

I like suffering.  I just didn’t feel like doing it much last year.

Fun?  I will haz it.  Just as long as I keep my head straight going forward.

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