Monday, October 12, 2015

I Discovered Rain

Okay, I really didn't discover rain.  But since today is generally celebrated as the day that some dude “discovered” a land that already had inhabitants, I figured that I could discover something that was already there too.

So yeah, it was another rainy start to the weekend.  And I made the best of it too.  I was originally scheduled to meet up with the Dirty Party Cycle to do an organized road ride in Belmont, NC Saturday morning.  I woke up early to pouring rain, but more importantly…thunder.  A quick check of The Internets told me that the ride was cancelled. I texted the DPC to let him know it was off and I went back to bed.

I slept another two hours or so. I guess I needed it.  The thunder had stopped once I finally crawled out of bed, so I figured that I’d brave the rain and head on out the road.  Despite the copious amounts of precipitation, I was looking forward to pedaling a little bit.  It was totally worth it.

The road looked like glass.  Neat.

I took off out of my neighborhood and settled in to warm up.  I was comfortable and dry (thanks to my new raincoat) but the wind was brutal.  It was hitting me from all directions, so even slow and steady pedaling was difficult.  At least I had the roads to myself.

Just like most road rides from my house, I rolled down to the greenway to stay away from any cars that might be out on the roads.  I had the place to myself.

The wind was a little calmer under the tree cover.  I kept pushing since I was good and warmed up at this point.  But then I ran into an obstacle. 

Luckily there was a short detour and I was back in action.  And still all alone.

Notice my sweet DeFeet socks.  Get some.

The greenway is always my favorite part, especially on days with shitty weather.  I can go as fast as I want, and I can stop to check out the scenery.

Damn beaver dam.

I popped out of the greenway and cut through the campus of UNC Charlotte.  It was desolate and I enjoyed more alone time.  I headed out of there and on to some real roads, where if it weren’t for a lady pulling out in front of me I would’ve had an awesome time.  She wasn’t paying attention, but luckily I was.  I avoided certain death and went back to my planned route.  Once I turned around to headed back, I got to the greenway as quickly as possible.  I was safe from errant automobiles again, but not safe from progress.

That’s our new light rail line.  I guess I will find a use for it when it’s operational.  But for now, I’ll stick to riding my bike.

What a nice day.  Despite some shitty weather, this was the best road ride I’d had in quite some time.  So what if I didn’t get out on my mountain bike.  I pedaled on two wheels.  I had fun. 

That’s what it’s all about.

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Patrick said...

Use for the light rail. .a chance to sober up from the south end breweries.