Monday, October 5, 2015

I Had Plans

Although we didn’t get as much rain as originally predicted (sorry to the folks down there in SC), I still wasn’t able to get out and ride anywhere awesome over the weekend.  Free weekends usually mean a trip to the hills, but I don’t own a kayak so that was out.  Instead, the little lady and I took off in search of a rain jacket for me (I’ve never owned one despite living in Florida for thirty four years.)

Shopping for things really stress me out.  On our way back, we rolled through the city and I had the bright idea to stop at a brewery.

That made me full of happy.

We stopped at The Unknown Brewing Company here in Charlotte.  They haz awesome beerz.   And they let assholes like me sit out there where they make it.

All while I use their décor to shamelessly plug DeFeet socks…

It wasn’t all beer though.  Once we got back home I spent some time alone working on bikes.  I got one bike finished that I’m building for a friend (sorry, no photos) and I worked on Darth Maul, my Niner One9 rigid single speed that I’ve been neglecting for a while now.

It’s not like I had that much to do.  Typical stuff, you know.  Stan’s in da tires…

Adjusting chain tension…

And admiring my my new Endless chain ring that hasn’t seen a whole lot of use yet.

So exciting, I know.  However, now this bike will be ready to ride instead of hanging up being all useless.  Little maintenance items that prevented me from taking it on my trip to Kentucky, where instead I had to opt for gears.  Who gives a shit.

Now if everything around here would just dry up so I can ride in some dirt (and have moar exciting things to write about.)

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