Monday, July 25, 2016

Take Two

I was busy, so that's my reason for not being here.  Good enough?  Good.  Anyway, time to start catching up.  Not too long ago I took my boy Lunchbox on a road trip so he could experience the same fun I had on the Virginia Creeper Trail.

We left the B-43 Worldwide Headquarters bright and early.  It started raining on us a little bit once we got in the NC mountains and continued for a while.  I wasn't worried though, because the forecast at our destination was good.  Eventually we crossed the border into Tennessee and Lunchbox celebrated his first-ever trip to that state.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many great things about that part of the state.  Unless you like wieners.

Or home-made convertible trucks...

Luckily, we didn't have to spend very much time there, and before we knew it we were in Virginia with clear skies ahead.

We rolled into the town of Damascus and went to the shuttle place that I'd used the weekend prior.  Again, we got comments about how we must be serious bike riders, mostly because ours were nicer than the ones they rented.

After a thirty minute trip to Whitetop Mountain, we were ready to ride downhill back to town.  Lunchbox was excite, and tried to take it all in.

We stopped a lot to see everything...

and even made some new friends along the way:

I was just happy to be riding with my son, who also happens to be "in the industry."

I kept asking if he was having fun, and how did he like the scenery.  He kept saying, "It's so pretty here."

Indeed it was.

We stopped along the way for lunch, and I didn't even take a photo.  Hell, I took fewer photos than I usually do.  I just wanted to have another nice day on the bike and enjoy the company of my giant kid who doesn't ride as much as he once did.  With about eighteen miles for the day, we rolled into town and talked about how much fun we just had.

It was great for sure.  And of course, I hit up the local brewery again.

And it rained on us on the way home.

It was definitely a perfect day.  I know, I need to get to some "real" riding again soon, but for now I'm all about the fun.  Remember what I said...

Ride your bike, look at pretty stuff, drink beer, and have fun.

Let's do more of that from now on.

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