Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back on the Farm

I can’t believe it. Yesterday was the third day in a row that I’ve been out on my bike. Of course I mentioned yesterday that we had the Tarheel Trailblazers Kids Ride on Sunday. However, I’ve been able to get in a few lunchtime rides in this week as well. Monday I made it over to North Meck, and yesterday I had a chance to ride a place that I hadn’t been to in a while, Fisher Farm.

North Meck is easy for me to get to from work, so I thought I would be destined to ride it every day until I was sick of it. Yesterday however, was different. I happened to be in the area, and had my bike with me, so I said, “What the hell, I’ll hit Fisher.” Since I would be riding solo, I tried to think about what I would write on here, trying to choose my words carefully since I didn't have anyone to take photographs.

The temperature was a perfect 65 degress when I arrived in the parking lot. I quickly changed into my riding gear and hopped on the bike. The beginning of the trail is a quick and twisty descent, and I enjoyed every second of it. I quickly forgot about the daily grind of work and enjoyed a beautiful day outside. I hadn’t been to Fisher Farm since last October, and I was happy to be there again. It is well worth the trip for anyone. I am fortunate that I could ride it during “working hours” and have the trail all to myself.

As I rode along, I started to think about ways that I could get some “action shots” while I was on the trail. I knew that I couldn't rely on just words, since I suck at it, even making some grammatical errors on purpose (I'm sure you knew that already.) When I came across one of the trail features, I saw a nice little tree stump that was just begging for me to let it hold my camera. “I’ll get a photo of you”, I imagined the stump saying. I said, “Sure thing Mr. Stump.” And with that imaginary conversation I planned my photo opportunity. I set up the camera and set the timer, having it take four photos in succession. I pushed the button and hurried to the top of the hill. I only had thirty seconds, so I wanted to make sure it counted. Off I went:

Okay, so the last one didn’t have too much action, unless you consider looking at my crotch some kind of action. You just looked again, didn’t you? That little ramp thingy is one of my favorite features out there, mostly because it is at the start of another long twisty descent filled with funitude. If only I could do this every day.

I did a few laps out there, and called it quits. After all, I had to get back to work. While most of my coworkers (and probably yours too) like to sit around and stuff themselves on their lunch break, I prefer to be active. I guess that makes me seem a little crazy to them, but I don’t mind that label. Besides, it’s a great way to break up the work day, and I’m doing my body a favor by keeping active. Who says you have to eat lunch on your lunch break anyway? Get out and do something, you lazy bastards. See y’all tomorrow.

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