Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mystery Package, Nutrition, and Other Nonsense

The other day I got a strange-looking package in the mail. If the Unabomber hadn’t been captured, I would’ve thought that it was from him. Granted, things roll into the B-43 Worldwide Headquarters all the time, but this was was really unexpected.

I opened the package, and there was a jar of “something” and a pamphlet chock full of information. Even after reading this informational handout, it still wasn’t ringing a bell. The jar was obviously a sample size, so I snapped a photo before I opened it.

When I order something via the Internets, I usually have a good idea of when it will show up. The name on the return address (and the pamphlet) was unfamiliar to me, so I used The Google to see what it was all about. As it turns out, the mystery package was from these people. I still didn’t recall ever talking to these people, until something right there on the home page jumped out and bit me.

While it’s not unlikely that I did indeed click there for a free sample, I sure as hell don’t remember doing it. I’ve been getting a lot of free stuff in the mail lately, so there was no need for me to be greedy. I even wondered how the hell I got to that web page. I looked around a bit, and found some information on the “free product” I received.

ISN Competition Endurance Formula

Competition has been engineered for maximum performance over the long haul. It is the perfect choice for ultra endurance events, road racing, mountain biking, swimming, or anything which requires your body to perform at its best for extended periods of time.

Well, there’s no doubt that I could use such a thing. I’ve been trying to come up with some kind of nutritional plan that doesn’t involve beer for a while now. Was this little jar the answer to my prayers? Come to think of it, I don’t remember praying either. Anyway, I guess I can try it on my next super long mega-ginormous bicycle ride, and see what they are all about. If I like it, then I’ll pony up and buy a full size jar. Maybe they only sell their products in baby jars. Who knows.

Anyway, you can be just like me and get yourself a free sample too. Just click here and try it for yourself.

Speaking of nutrition, I haven’t come up with any kind of plan for the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. I mean yeah, I’ll eat a lot of food during the “race”, but I’m not exatly sure which kind of food. I was thinking about some kind of cookies and crap like that, but I stumbled across an article that had me thinking a little bit (I actually do think every once in a while.)


The fine folks at Bike Rumor are conducting an experiment for people like me who are too lazy to conduct their own experiments. At first glance the article may look like an endorsement for Hammer Nutrition, but if you read through it you may see that it’s not the case. There’s some interesting stuff in there, especially the part about how simple sugars provide only very short-term energy, followed by a dramatic plunge in energy. Flash and Crash was the term, according to our Bike Rumor scientific researcher. No wonder why I burn out shortly after eating gel shots during a race. Maybe one day I’ll try this experiment myself, but I’ll most likely wait until I hear the final review (so I can benefit from someone else’s hard work.) With the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek a little over a week away, there’s no time for me to start doing weird nutritional shit. I’ll be winging it like I always do. Flying by the seat of your pants is the only way to fly.

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