Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back to Kid Stuff

We have been fortunate enough to have wonderful weather here in the Charlotte area, which came just in time to keep me from going crazy. I’ve actually been able to get out on my bike, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been out on the occasional lunchtime ride at work, but this past weekend was much bigger. Yep, the good weather means that it is time for us to resume the regularly-scheduled Tarheel Trailblazers Kids Rides.

This past Sunday we headed out to Sherman Branch to enjoy what was to be a beautiful day. The parking lot was as full as I’ve ever seen it, and I wondered if the parents would have a place to park. We met up at 1:00, and there were quite a few kids. We waited a few minutes for some last-minute arrivals, and headed out onto the trail, with Lunchbox in the lead. He was happy to get these rides going again too, since he enjoys being a mentor to the younger riders. These little ones are the future of our sport, and it’s nice to be a part of something so special. Here is a photographic recap:

Even Little Miss Sunshine was on hand to help out, assisting me with Bike Patrol duties. Our services were not needed though, fortunately.

Lunchbox has skillz.

This little girl was out on the trail for the first time ever, with Momma in tow. She worked really hard to make it through the ride, and we were all proud of her.

It’s nice to be back in the saddle for the Kids Rides, especially when I don’t have to think about racing. Riding with these kids makes you realize how much fun you are supposed to have on a bike in the woods. When we finished the ride, the kids headed to the picnic table to enjoy some drinks and snacks. It was a great day, and these kids were outside where kids should be. Big thanks to Little Miss Sunshine, Lunchbox, and the other “big kids” that made this ride a success. I can’t wait for the next one in two weeks.

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