Friday, March 26, 2010

Share The Road

Tomorrow I get to play the part of a roadie for a day. In an effort to get in a shitload of miles, I’m participating in the 10th Annual CSC Spring Training Ride. The plan is to do the 55 mile option, but the course map shows the mileage as 56.8. While I’m not really prepared to do either of those distances, I sure can’t wait to try. My legs feel stronger than ever and I’ve been putting in some decent bike time, so I’m hoping for the best. Most of it will be mental for me anyway.

I’m hoping to find a nice group to settle in with, and I’d like to think that will make things easier. The last time I did a group ride, I ended up doing most of it alone because the group I started with decided to pull of at the first rest stop. I hope that I won’t need to rest, but I’ll probably just do whatever the group does this time. It really sucked riding alone in a group ride, and I enjoy following others and not thinking for myself anyway.

What is the 10th Annual CSC Spring Training Ride, you ask? Well, here is some info I jacked from the website:

The CSC Spring Training Ride is an excellent ride for cyclists of all abilities. We have three exciting routes on lightly traveled roads that will offer participants three different route lengths: 30 miles, 55 miles and 70 miles. Each route will be colored coded, VERY well marked and supported with loaded rest stops and sag support vehicles. The rest stop on the 30 mile route and the last stop on the 55 and 70 mile route will have a restroom.

After the event, stick around and enjoy food and fellowship with your riding pals. We will have tons of great food with homemade hot vegetable soup, pasta salad and other tasty post ride food.

Okay, you got me. I’m mostly doing it for the food and fellowship with my riding pals. The problem is that most of my riding pals that ride road bikes aren’t riding in the event. Instead, they will be working the SAG wagon, rest stops, and other assorted volunteer duties. Even The Dirty Party Cycle won’t be there. Instead, he’s opted for the Cooper River Bridge Run down in Charleston, SC, so who knows if I’ll get to ride with anyone I know.

My friend Neal (yes, I actually know this friend) is the promoter of this fine event, and the ride usually is a fundraiser for the Giordana-Clif Bar Cycling Team. This one is a little different though, since we had a tragedy last week in our local cycling community. Here is some text from an e-mail I received:

Also, as many of you know, we lost an active member of the cycling community last week. Adam Little was hit and killed by a car on his commute to work. Normally, the CSC Ride is used as a fundraising event for the Giordana-Clif Bar Team. But, in light of last weeks tragedy, this year the team will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Little Family.

I didn’t know Adam personally, but I still think that sucks. Regardless, I would be more than happy to give my money to his family. So, if you’re anywhere near the Charlotte area and you have a road bike, come on out to this event. Registration opens at 8:00 a.m., and it’s only twenty bucks. You’ll have a good time for sure, and the route is filled with beautiful scenery. Besides, I heard a rumor that Dicky might be in attendance, showing off his shiny new road bike. That’s worth the price of admission right there.

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