Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Will Do Something

And by “something” I mean “race.”  This Sunday, there are two races.  First, there is the Pisgah 55.5K.

I’ve been riding up there enough that it makes me really consider doing it.  Not that I’m in any kind of race shape (especially Pisgah shape), but I know it would be fun, yet full of suffering.  I’ve done some of the course and I think I can handle it.  Well, survive anyway.  They even have a big boy class, so I wouldn’t have to race in the SS group with those little tiny fellers.  I’ve been considering this one for a while now, but something else stands in the way…

Cross country racing?  You betcha.  Even though I “retired” from the hot lap shit show that is XC almost two years ago, I’m really considering giving it a go this time around.  Why?  Because I wanna suffer in a different kind of way.

Actually no, that’s not it.  This race is a fundraiser for our local club, the Tarheel Trailblazers, and we need a good showing from our club to help make this race a success (and to make money to put into our local trails.)  I don’t want to abandon my people, and since I have the itch to race I figure that I could kill two birds with one big, fat, knobby tire (or two, whatever.)

Coming out of cross country “retirement” isn’t an easy decision, since I know that I’ll probably get irritated with the field mere moments after we leave the start line.  However, I won this race way back in 2009 so I’m a little tempted to see if I still have the fire to give it my all on a couple of hot laps.  I don’t expect to win again (or even place), but it could be a good way to get in ride and help my club out at the same time. 

Decisions.  I suck at making them.  I need some help as usual.

If all goes well, I’ll suffer somewhere this Sunday.  I can wait until the last minute to register for either, so time isn’t really a factor right now.  If I race in Pisgah, I’m sure the club will do just fine without my help (I’m not that important, really.)  If I wind up ending my "retirement" to race XC, then I'll be like the rest of those guys that refuse to give it up long after they should have.

Damn it.  

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