Friday, August 20, 2010

No Review Necessary, But I’m Sure I Will Anyway At Some Point

First off, I'd like to thank Dicky for showing up at the Wednesday night race and snapping a photo of me (and subsequently posting it on his blog.) It didn't turn out too bad, and it actually made me look like I knew what I was doing. We all know that's not the case, so his fancy new camera must be something special. Check it out:

Photo cred: Cap'n Dick, of course.

I guess my cries for fashion conformity were heard. A care package arrived da udda day from my good friends over at Cane Creek Cycling Components, and it contained the necessary spacers I needed to complete to transformation of my new bike.

Yeah, I had some spacers on there already, but they looked kind of weird. The composite InterLok spacers didn’t quite match the black anodized ones I had, and I am all about matching. I mean, who wants to ride around with mismatched headset spacers?

Replacing them would be an easy task, but of course I had to document it to make it take ten times longer. I removed the top cap and stem, and inserted my shiny new spacers (being careful to use the prescribed amount for my fork.) Just like that, I was back in business.

I guess I could have wiped off my fingerprints before I took the photo, but whatever.

Next up was another item I requested (man, I must be greedy.) I’ve had this itching lately to try some bar ends on my 29er to help me with climbing (I need all the help I can get), so I asked for a set of Cane Creek Ergo Control II Bar Ends. Since I’m basically trying to be a rolling advertising whore for those guys (kind of like NASCAR), I thought that my first foray into the world of bar ends should include them. Check it:

I’ve seen a few people around here using bar ends, but only one person using these particular ones. Back when I took my first visit to Cane Creek, I saw some of them being packaged, but I never thought twice about it. Now I’m thinking twice, and I’m also thinking nice (stupid pun, damn it.) These are compatible with any ODI–style lock-on grips, and it just so happens that my Lizard Skins grips are of the same variety.

Installation was a breeze, and again most of the time spent “installing” involved drinking beer and taking photos. All I had to do was remove the outer lock ring clamp and replace it with the bar end. Well, that and move everything over just a smidgeon to make room for said bar ends, but that was a small step. Again, success. After gulping down a hoppy brew, I took another photo (man this bogging stuff is hard.)

All nice and grippy, with little skinks to help keep my hands from slipping off.

Last (but not least), there was a surprise in my care package. Although I didn’t ask for them, I received a shiny new pair of grips, locking style emblazoned with you guessed it, the Cane Creek logo.

Yeah, these could have been used on The Big O to compliment the new bar ends, but I kind of like my red grips. I decided (with the help of Lunchbox) that these would work better on the new and improved Goose, so I got to work. Sorry Lizard Skins, but these grips would have to go for now:

As usual, this was a simple task made much more difficult by the consumption of beer and picture-taking. I simply removed the lock ring clamps from the old grips and placed them on the new grips. One more sip of beer, one more photo:

Man, I love getting new shit for my bikes. I think I like installing said new shit even better though, probably because it involves beer. Maybe I’ll come up with a clever review or something if I have time (or I run out of meaningful stuff to talk about.) HUGE thanks to Cane Creek for hooking me up, and putting up with a needy, semi-famous Internets blogger and pathetic mountain bike racer. My transformation to a rolling billboard is nearly complete.

Yeah, I know. I suck at this whole Photochopping thing.

UPDATE: The guy that we helped last week is doing well. He has recovered nicely thanks to the fine folks at the emergency room (and I guess those of us that helped on site to a lesser extent.) His bike was also hand-delivered by yours truly, so he can race again if he chooses to do so. Awesome news indeed.

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