Thursday, August 8, 2013

Time To Go Play

Yeah, I’m taking it easy today.  You know, because things are about to get busy around here.

Is it too soon to do this?


With one week until my departure for Winona, Minnesota it’s time to start counting down.  Although Single Speed USA kicks off next Saturday, I am hitting the road a week from today.  I won’t be doing it alone though.  Good Guy Greg has decided to join me, and we’ve been working on one helluva road trip.  I’ll get into that next week though.

For now, I’m taking another road trip.  Lunchbox and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Richmond, VA to attend training camp for our favorite professional sports team.  We go to Virginia every year now for this, and it’s always a good time.  This year though, we’re bringing our bikes to ride some new (to us) trails.  Richmond apparently has some pretty rad singletrack, and we’re ready to go shred it. 

 Thanks to my man Marcus for finding this video.

I’ll tell you all about it Monday.  

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