Thursday, August 1, 2013

I’m Getting Ready

Two weeks from today, I’ll be leaving on a road trip.  Single Speed USA is coming up fast, and I’m getting ready. 


By drinking beer.

This is one I picked up the last time I was up in the hills, and I dig it.  Strong, plenty of hops, and well, delicious.  My only regret?  Not picking up more than one bottle.

Next up, a new twist on one of my favorites.

The Kashmir IPA from Highland Brewing (right over there in Asheville) is one of my all-time favorite IPAs.  This one is an Imperial, and at over 10% alcohol it’s pretty damn strong.  Unlike other imperials it doesn’t taste like it’s that strong though, and to me that’s a plus.  Just like the other one though, my dumb ass only bought one bottle.  Next time I’ll learn to stock up.

Anyway, it’s a little slow today, so all you get is beer.  I’m getting ready for SSUSA, and other than increasing my alcohol I probably should get my shit together.  This is gonna be fun.

Well, more fun than that.

It's almost time for the final countdown.  Stay tuned.

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eastwood said...

ooooooohhhhhh, he totally had it!