Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Coming To A Trail Near You

Brace yourselves...

I'm gonna talk about socks.

I got a package in the mail yesterday from my friends over at Defeet International:

Sure, it's probably just some socks, right?  Well, yeah.  But these are special.  DeFeet has been making the best cycling socks in the world for over twenty years now, but they may have just changed the game with their latest creation...

The Levitator Trail:

Made especially for riding off road, the Levitator Trail is made from recycled plastic water bottles which makes them environmentally friendly too.  They are designed to be more comfortable and durable, and you can tell that they are different from most other socks.

You may ask, "If they are made out of recycled plastic bottles, then how the hell can they be comfortable?"

Well, they are.

We love DeFeet here at B-43, but this sock takes that love to a whole different level.  These are by far the most comfortable sock I've ever worn, surpassing my previous favorite, the Cyclismo.  Special attention was paid to the design of this sock to make it more suitable for off-road use, and I won't hesitate to throw a pair of these on for my next endurance race.  They are padded where you need it, and they are even good for just walking around.  The cuff stays put, and they look good too.  Fashion and function.  Rad.

This is all the review I can do right now since I'm injured, but I will definitely do a follow up when I'm back in the woods.  Having these socks in my collection makes me want to get out on the trail right now.


These are available to everyone (I'm not special you know), so go get some.

You can thank me later.


SpeedyLizard.com said...

Looks like part of the outfit in Tron.

SpeedyLizard.com said...

Looks like part of the Tron uniform.