Friday, September 27, 2013

Leaving Las Vegas

I guess I'm done with Interbike for now. It was really fun, tiring, etc., and I'm glad I got chance to go. Big thanks to DeFeet for giving me the opportunity to go. I really appreciate it.

I left a little early, cutting Friday's show short since I had to take the long way home. My plane was heading back to Charlotte via Minneapolis, and when I boarded I noticed I wasn't the only one getting out of town early. Brent from TwinSix was on the same flight, no doubt glad to be out of Sin City and on the way back to the wholesome Midwest. When our flight got to Minneapolis, Brent said "See ya" and headed home while I faced a two and a half hour layover before I took off for Charlotte.

I knew just what to do.

Lots of beer during my wait, along with some quality reading material on the Drunk Cyclist page.

I figured that I needed to eat as well, and one look at the menu and I knew exactly what I should get.

Drunk and Dirty Sirloin? Rad.

It was actually pretty damn awesome too.

With a full belly (and feeling mighty fine from several delicious, hoppy beverages) I settled into my seat on a plane bound for North Carolina. Just before I fell asleep/passed out, I saw the sun going down.

It was a fitting end to a long week.

I'm obviously back home now, and finally settled in. In an attempt to get back to normal and get D-Wayne off my back (he thinks I'm whiny because of my injury), I'll be going for a long bike ride this weekend.

Yeah, I'm gonna try to race the 6 Hour Grind on theGreenway tomorrow. I'm probably not in “racing shape” or healed up enough to do it, but who gives a shit.

I need some kind of challenge I guess, so it looks there will be some kind of race report on Monday.

At least you don't have to hear about Interbike anymore.

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